Ways To Outsmart Smartphone Thieves

Smartphone thieves are everywhere... you must be careful

Smartphone thieves are everywhere… you must be careful

Unfortunately, thieves continue to develop new ways to steal a person’s smartphone. They’re getting better at stealing personal data from these devices, too. Thousands of smartphones are lost across the United States each month. In the past, thieves could easily get away with snatching someone’s phone and selling it or utilizing a person’s information. Smartphone owners can now implement various safeguards in order to protect themselves should their device go missing. Every owner should take the time to utilize these solutions.

Built-In Security Features for Smartphones

These days, nearly all smartphones come with enhanced security features, including lock screens and remote access. An individual should set up a passcode immediately. Locking the device through a passcode prevents unauthorized access should the phone be lost or stolen. Nobody can access the device, which means a person’s information is safe. Likewise, the thief will run into trouble while trying to sell the pilfered device. Remote access allows a person to wipe their device to factory settings if it falls into the wrong hands.

Third-Party Tracking Apps for Smartphones

Various apps allow smartphone owners to track the location of their device. After losing a device, the owner can easily locate their device while it’s turned on. Many apps will take pictures in order to capture the thief’s face, too. Certain apps even allow a person to wipe their smartphone or send messages and place calls. Without a doubt, these apps are invaluable tools for locating a lost or stolen device. An individual should contact authorities rather than retrieving the device themselves, though.

Keep Everything in the Cloud

Don´t keep important information in your phone

Don´t keep important information in your phone

Cloud storage allows a person to backup their contact information and files from their smartphone. Luckily, device owners won’t lose everything should they lose their phone. Most carriers offer backup services, and third-party apps are available in abundance. A person doesn’t need to worry about remotely wiping their device in the event of a theft. They’ll have everything they need backed up thanks to cloud storage. Sure, this solution doesn’t aid in recovery of the device, but it prevents a person from losing important photos and other information commonly stored on smartphones.

Taking Advantage of Antivirus Programs

Thieves target more than just a person’s smartphone in the 21st Century. They increasingly go after personal information in order to steal identities. In today’s world, most people keep tons of personal data on their devices. They’re not always conscious about who they let use the device and what permissions they give downloaded apps. Therefore, it’s important to download a strong mobile antivirus program. Such programs can prevent malicious apps and outside users from gaining access to a person’s data. Once again, this solution won’t protect a device from being stolen, but it will save the owner from identity theft.
Simply Keep Track of the Device
In the end, smartphone owners need to keep a close eye on their devices. Small mistakes like letting a stranger borrow the device or leaving the device unattended for a moment will backfire. It only takes seconds for a smartphone to be stolen or lost without the owner’s knowledge. Thieves are waiting for owners to make these mistakes with their devices, but common sense and regular attention go a long way in preventing thefts. Too many people fail to keep their devices as close as possible to themselves.

Don't lose your sleep if your phone is stolen... Protect your information

Don’t lose sleep if your phone is stolen… Protect your information

Smartphone theft has steadily risen over the past few years and won’t slow down any time soon. Currently, smartphones continue to rise in value and use. Thousands of thieves steal millions of these devices around the world annually. An individual needs to safeguard their device and their personal information to avoid problems. In most cases, replacing a smartphone costs a couple hundred dollars at minimum. Losing one’s identity through I.D. theft can cost thousands of dollars or more.

Doubt – The Biggest Enemy In Any Relationship

Having doubt is the worst that can happens to your relationship

Having doubt will kill your relationship

Doubt is a major killer in any relationship. A seed of doubt can kill the strongest and oldest relationship. Someone said that if you want to defeat an army do not apply force, rather plant a seed of doubt in them. Relationship is not a war but the intensity and importance is no less either. The point is if doubt can destroy an army, it can also cause serious damage to the relationship between two people. Therefore, if there is any doubt it is very important to remove it from your mind and the first step is to ascertain if your spouse is lying to you. Here are the top three ways to find out if your spouse is two-faced:

Eye is the gateway to the soul

Eyes say a lot more than words

Eyes say a lot more than words

The best technique is the eye contact. If the person is looking elsewhere and not able to maintain an eye contact, he or she may be lying. However, if your spouse is looking too much into your eye almost with the intention of staring you down, it could be a sign of trying to control you. If anybody is speaking the truth, there is no need to control emotions of the other person. A genuine eye contact is for four to five seconds at single time. Secondly, if the eyes are moving too much to the left, it could be a sign of a deceitful person as experts say left side of the brain is your creative side and hence a person is cooking up a story. On the other hand, the right hand side is your logical and memory side. Therefore, a truthful person will mostly move their eyes to the right.

Body language speaks louder than words

The body has its own language... You just have to listen

The body has its own language… You just have to listen

The next best possible way to find out the truth is through observing the body language. Actions speak louder than words and therefore no matter what the person might be saying but sometimes his or her body language might be indicating something else. If your spouse is crossing his or her arms and/or legs, it could be a sign of dishonesty as this is a position that shows you are defense. However, girls generally sit in a crossed position so do not mistake it for untruthfulness. Another good way to find out is observing the hand movement while people are talking. Covering mouth while talking shows that the person is trying to hide something. Similarly, scratching neck while talking indicates that the person is using mendacious ways to put his or her point. Scientists have indicated that when a person is lying there is an itch in the neck causing the person to scratch it.

How he or she says is more important than what your spouse says

Don't let the lies fly

Don’t let the lies fly

Last way is to find out the way they are talking. Some people naturally stammer especially in pressure situations but stammering too much unnaturally is a very strong indication of lying. Additionally, too many pauses while speaking indicates that the person is creating stories while talking and hence lying. Lastly, being too soft in their tone or too bold might be a sign of your spouse trying to manipulate your thoughts.

If you have observed any discrepancy in your spouse while observing the above points, it might be the correct time to confront it with your partner and not hold it back. Some people believe that you should not confront straight away and wait to gather more facts while others believe that the sooner the better. However, this is one decision you would have to take on your own because you are the driver in the relationship and not anyone else.

3 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Actually Make You Fat

Eating a lot is not equal to eating healthy

Eating a lot is not equal to eating healthy

For the past few decades, people have been health conscious about their food. Nutritionists and experts have then prepared lists that are presumably healthy, and these lists of foods have been a staple although the years. However, with the recent advancement of technology and the ongoing studies by most scientists about nutrition, foods that were once dubbed as healthy are said to have been making people fat all along. Here are three ‘healthy’ foods that actually make you fat:

Fruit Juices, Shakes and Diet Drinks

Eat fruits,  vegetables and healthy drinks

Eat fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks

A lot of health aficionados are into a lot of juices and diet drinks, claiming that these stuffs are very healthy. While there is no contention to their claims, it is also widely missed that juices and shakes actually make you fat. Studies show that the amount of sugar and calories that juices and shakes contain are unhealthy, often times excessive. Instead of consuming juices and shakes that market themselves as fruit extracts, why not eat whole fruits instead? That way, you’ll get the vitamins and minerals you deserve without the unwanted sugar and calories that comes with juices.

Vegetable Salads and Their Dressings

Salads are the rave of vegetarians all around the world. You can’t blame them however, because salads are enjoyable to eat. Although salads are very scrumptious, the illusion that they are healthy is actually blurred, thanks to salad dressings. Salad dressings range from nuts to oily dressings and unnecessary sweeteners and garnishes. To remedy this, you can use lighter dressings such as balsamic vinegar. You can also avoid the dressing entirely and opt to eat these vegetables as they come. Don’t be fooled by the layer of oil and fat of salad dressings, and for they can make you fat in an instant.

The Elusive Crunchiness of the Granola

You need carbs for energy

You need carbs for energy

Granola today is being heavily marketed as a healthy food, and you can’t blame them. It is undoubtedly a good source of fibre, and not to mention its nutritious qualities. Nevertheless, granolas are notorious for containing high quantities of sugar and oil, making it very high in calories and fat. And the worst part is it takes a lot of granola to feel full, at about 560 calories per cup. People also make the mistake of substituting their diet with granolas and granola bars, and you should not fall for that to. To enjoy granola and its wonderful nutritional properties, mix a small amount to your whole-grain cereal and skip it while you still can.
There are a lot of fatty foods that masquerade as health foods just to make people buy them. You should be knowledgeable on the foods you eat, and take into account all of the calories and nutrition that goes with it.

The Golden Years Of Your Life And The Myths Woven Around Them

Retire happy

Retire happy

Yes, the golden years of your life is when you retire. It’s the latter half period of one’s life where people think they are at the fag end of their life and all good things of life are not meant for them. However old you are it is the feelings that reside in your heart that matter. However old you are, you can still think young.

Time to retire

Today the official age to retire is 60 years in all Governmental offices. Though in private companies people continue to work nearly up to 70 to 75 years. The experience and competency allows people to remain in work even after 60 years. If one’s health is good and they are physically fit, there is nothing like it and people can easily work up to 70 years.

Myths around retirement

Boredom. Most of the people think that they have nothing to do in their spare time when they retire. This is not true. You can ideally retire whenever you like. It can be done when you are in your 50s too. It is just that you need to plan out your financial aspects and what you would in your spare time well in advance. Retirement is just a big change in life. Accept it mentally and things would work out fine for you.

The medical bills will be huge during retirement

This is really not true. If one has been eating the proper food, doing exercises and keeping mentally and physically fit right from younger days you really need not worry about medical bills. In fact you will now have more time to maintain your health and hence you can keep the medical bills away.

You won’t have enough money

Try not to worry

Try not to worry

This is one of the biggest myths. Again, here you will not have a regular source of income from the company or Institution where you were working earlier. But if you had done good financial planning well in advance you can now live on your savings comfortably. You could now get a constant income from your savings which will take care of your living and other expenses. You could cut down a lot in your life and make it such that you live within your financial limits. You can move to a less expensive locality and cut down on a number of unnecessary activities on which you used to splurge before.

Happiness will begin with retirement. All worries will vanish

This is again a myth. Happiness is the state of one’s mind and does not depend on age. Hence it is your attitude that makes all the difference. Worries will always be there. If not financial there can be other worries with respect to children, health etc.

Feeling of insecurity and unwanted

Yes, this feeling automatically creeps in once you retire. But you can guard from this by taking appropriate actions. Your social circle may reduce automatically and you might find that you have lesser friends. But you can make up for the same by putting effort and going out of your way and making new friends who are in your age group. This way your likes and dislikes will be similar and you will enjoy each others company.


Embrace retirement

Embrace retirement

Retirement is just another phase of life. It’s like moving on to Teens from Adolescent age. Thus if one is prepared mentally and takes everything with the positive attitude life will be at its best.

Paying Your Students A Lot Quicker

You need to pay your student loan

You need to pay your student loan

There are those people who would do anything just to get to school and finish with a degree for a better future. It’s a risk worth taking as well all know that education is the only thing we can inherit to get descent lives.

For those who are financially constrained and cannot directly afford to pay off for school, a student loan is the best alternative to get you started. The money borrowed to you will be used for all the things you need such as books and other materials.

Eventually, you will have to settle your debt and clear your loan before it gets any higher which will make it difficult for you to pay in the long run. There are ways you can do to make it easier for you to settle your loan.

Pay bigger amounts than usual

Pay as much as you can

Pay as much as you can

Don’t just settle in paying the minimum amount required just to comply with your staggering debt. Try to pay somewhat a higher amount so that you can clear more and pay less in the near future.

If you have more money to spare, pay your loans so that the interest doesn’t catch up to you which will eventually get higher if it’s not settled sooner.

Earn money or income and pay your loans

After graduation, you’ll eventually land a job worth it for your skills and experienced gained at school. You can a lot more now that you have a job to clear your loan a lot faster.

If you’re still a student, you can still pay higher amounts by getting a side job or part-time job. It will all depend on your skills and abilities. If you have what it takes, then you can land either a full time or a part time job which both are alright.

Save Money and Budget even better

Make sure that if you have to pay your loans to settle your debts, you still have some left for your own needs. Don’t think that all your money all goes to paying your loan. It’s a matter saving money if you have spare and to budget it so that you have enough for other purposes.

Settle that debt... The sooner the better

Settle that debt… The sooner the better

You can choose other alternative options rather than going with the usual in order to save money. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, try eating at a fast food chain that’s still delicious and cheaper.

Always settle your debt at the right time so that it doesn’t pile up and gets higher. This way you’ll find it a lot harder to pay it off once the amount is beyond how much you can make. Save and budget your money properly and you will make it through.