Iran completes test launch of a satellite-carrying rocket

In a statement released by Iran's Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, Iran has reportedly finalized the test launch of a satellite-carrying rocket that would move below earth's orbit. 

The State television aired the live launch of the rocket on Monday in a desert area, but it is unclear exactly when or where the rocked launch happened.

The satellite carrying rocket was named Zuljanah 

The rocket was named Zuljanah, after the name of the horse of Hussein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ahmad Hosseini, the spokesman for the defense ministry’s space division said the country carried out its first research launch of the hybrid Zuljanah satellite carrier. The rocket's launch was executed with below-orbit testing in mind. 

The spokesman added that the rocket is currently the world's most powerful solid-fuel engine. He added that the satellite carrier uses solid fuel in its first two launch stages while it uses liquid fuel in its third stage. 

The spokesman also said Zuljanah will room be able to place working satellites into orbit after the state finalizes its test launches.   

Iran insists its satellite program is not for its military 

Iran maintains that its satellite and nuclear programs are being developed for peaceful uses, but the United States and other Western powers remain skeptical about the programs. They unilaterally agree that it's most likely going to be used by Iran's military for missile development.

The Biden administration declared it will return to the Iran nuclear deal if Tehran agrees to a longer and stronger nuclear agreement. The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Iran is very close to developing enough nuclear material to build a nuclear bomb. 

In April 2020, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps successfully dispatched the country’s first military reconnaissance satellite after two launches failed and a launchpad exploded.